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What is a Gunna?

This is a Gunna.

These are the sorts of things you keep which turn into clutter.
“I broke a cup and I’m gunna fix it”.
“I’m gunna find all the missing pieces of that puzzle Aunty Di gave me”.
“I’m gunna do up that old set of drawers and sell it one day”.
“I’m gunna hang that picture frame in the hall”.

  1. Free yourself from the obligation of all your gunnas.
  2. Realistically, they don’t mean that much or you would’ve done it by now.
  3. Realistically, do you really care if the cup gets fixed?? You’ve got at least 10 others in the kitchen.
  4. Realisitically, do you think Aunty Di cares a bag of beans about that puzzle?
  5. Realistically, am I really going to get off my bum and hang that picture in the hall…
  6. Realistically, is that set of drawers going to be worth anything in today’s economy anyway?

Realistically the answer to all those is probably ‘no’. Free your mind. Free your space. Reduce your self imposed obligations. Reduce your gunnas.

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