'We Empty Houses' clears out deceased estates with efficiency, compassion and discretion for those who are unable, overwhelmed, distressed, too busy, too far away, or too time poor. 

We can also ...

  • arrange bins & rubbish removal

  • organise furniture sale & removal

  • look after trades and services

  • donate unwanted items

  • sell items on your behalf

  • organise your de-clutter in line with the council pickup to minimise your removal costs

  • Assist people with disabilities 

Our Services

We will work with you to help with

  • emptying a deceased estate

  • relocating or downsizing

  • large scale de-cluttering

  • sorting through your items and help decide what to keep, what to donate and what to pack up for later

  • preparing to sell your home

  • single rooms, sheds or a whole house

Waste not Want not 

No one likes making waste, contributing to landfill or throwing something away something useful do they?

We can arrange delivery to the charity of your choice....and as demonstration of our commitment to doing the right thing by the environment we will transport all bagged donations free of charge