How 'We Empty Houses' operates:

Every situation is different, so the service we provide is personalised to your particular situation.

We can come to your location to discuss what works best for you (at no cost), or discuss strategies over the phone.

We’re flexible, non judgemental, easy going!

One of our staff can come out to help, or a small team if its a larger job.

Deceased Estates

Firstly, you and I identify any items which will be taken away by family members or that will remain in the house

Then we get down to work! We sort through, and categorise all remaining items:

  •  Items to be recycled – We donate wherever possible. Useable items are donated to local op shops or support services.  Items to be donated can include any saleable items such as books, clean clothes, furniture….but op shops are getting fussier. As part of our commitment to the environment We Empty Houses don’t charge for deliveries to op shops.
  •  Items to be thrown out – rubbish can be removed either via a large skip or via delivery to the closest tip. Even though an item may be classified as rubbish, it could still be recycled. For example all metal, cardboard, glass, polystyrene etc can be recycled., and if the entire load is sorted correctly, the council may not charge you. We try to minimise landfill wherever possible.
  • Mixed loads, and some items such as mattresses and bases will incur an extra charge
  • Items that need special attention such as Hazardous Household Wastes (fuels, oils, petrols, pesticides, paint etc) are taken to the nearest tip, and disposed of responsibly.

Once the house is empty, we can also clean it to get the best sale price, to move into, or to rent out.

We manage the deceased estate cleanup project as per your requests whilst providing you with updates and photos along the way.

We can also organise tradies, carpet cleaners and minor home maintenance.

Hoarding Situations

There are many ways we Empty Houses can assist you with a hoarding situation, and many aspects to consider. These could include:

  1. Your safety –  are there trip hazards, emergency exit requirements, fire and health hazards, vermin control issues
  2. Legal requirements of a landlord or a local council
  3. Issues with neighbours
  4. You and your family’s wellbeing
  5. Financial considerations
  6. Are you downsizing and need to minimise your belongings

We can come up with some rules as to what stays and what goes, but you’re in control at all times over the process!

We will come to your house to work out the best way forward.

  • We can work alongside you, or under your guidance.
  • We can give suggestions, be your labourer to remove what you don’t want, or do it all for you.
  • We can do single rooms, a garage or shed, or an entire house.
What areas do you service?

All of Perth and some regional areas. If you’re in a regional area, just call and we can discuss options.

Do I have to decide what can be repurposed and given to charity?

No. Leave that job to us! Society has become very fussy!

What is valuable? And will you buy these items?

We Empty Houses doesn’t buy anything, but if we find anything of value we will put it aside for you to assess, or send photos for your directions.

Often items have much sentimental value, but not much saleable value.

Even lovely old furniture has lost the majority of it’s value. We can advise on any items you think may be of value.

We Empty Houses staff are all police cleared, and have returned over $200 000 in cash we’ve found over the years!


We generally charge by the hour, but can give you a rough quote.

Prices vary according to the amount and type of items, and the state of the property.

Additional labour costs may occur if the access to your home has a lot of stairs, a steep driveway, squalor, or a larger than usual labour-intensive effort is required from our friendly team.

excess chemicals and similar hazardous items are removed at variable costs.

If we need to use a council tip, there will be delivery charges and each council has different rates for using their tips….. if you have tip passes or access to a skip, this may minimise costs.

We try to minimise costs for you at all times. Your money is precious!

Important information


  • We Empty Houses wants to solve your problems as efficiently and as economically as possible.
  • We Empty Houses minimises landfill
  • We Empty Houses maximises recycling and donating to those in need
  • We Empty Houses is responsive, sensitive, and caring.
  • We Empty Houses wants to reduce your stress at possibly a very stressful time in your life

Do you require specific help or are simply unsure where to begin?

We’re here to help.

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