Coleen’s father passed away. He was a hoarder. Coleen and her son had spent almost 2 years unsuccessfully trying to empty the house before calling We Empty Houses.

We Empty Houses sorted through every room and every item methodically in case Coleen had missed any valuables. Every room was jam-packed with a wide range of items, some of which had been there since 1970!

​We filled 3 large skips to the brim with anything that couldn’t be donated or sold, including most of the contents of a large garage as well and a second smaller shed.

​Interestingly, Coleen’s dad had amassed a vast number of credit and debit cards, cheque books and gift cards. We Empty Houses ensured these were all destroyed to ensure no personal details were used inappropriately.

Doug was so gorgeous

His wife had dementia before she passed away and had become a hoarder. Her collections had entirely filled up 3 bedrooms – Doug wasn’t physically able to empty them out by himself, and removing his beloved wife’s clothing was very hard emotionally for him.

He kept trying to get rid of all the stuff but didn’t seem to be able to make any headway.

Doug trusted us to take whatever we could to the op shop and we got a skip for the rubbish. It took a few weeks but in the end, Doug could walk around his house without fear of tripping over. He could find things again. The clutter wasn’t stressing him out anymore.

It helped him move on from the tragedy of his wife’s death.

Jude loves clothes

She REALLY loves clothes. After recent back surgery, the large amount of clothes in ALL rooms of the house were making it very painful to manoeuvre around. We Empty Houses helped Jude try them on to see if they still fitted and to see if they still made her feel good. If not, we labelled bags with the names of some friends, family members and also op shops, and went through each piece of clothing one by one.

Result – a trimmed down wardrobe, a more peaceful house, far less clutter and far less pain for Jude.

Joan and Roy were moving into a retirement village which was a lot smaller than their previous 3-bedroom house.

We Empty Houses helped them pack, took their unwanted items to the op shop, their Hazardous Household Chemicals to the tip for proper destruction, and even emptied their shed. They unpacked all the boxes at the new house and arranged items.

John passed away

All his family were in NSW. Although they came over for the funeral, they couldn’t empty the house before they had to return to work. We Empty Houses coordinated the donation of his goods to charity which is what John wanted.

Sarah had to go into supported accommodation

Sarah’s health was getting worse. We Empty Houses measured up the new place to see which of the old furniture could be utilised and re-homed the rest. We packed up her clothes and donated unwanted items to the charity of Sarah’s choice. After Sarah moved out, we cleaned the entire place and readied it to sell.

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