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Objects Your Kids Probably Don’t Want #2

No. 5: Linens

Go ahead, offer to send your daughter five boxes of hand-embroidered pillowcases, guest towels, napkins, and table cloths. She might not even own an iron or ironing board, and she definitely doesn’t set that kind of table. You could donate linens to costume shops of theatres or op shops for everyday items like sheets or excess towels.

No. 6: Antique Furniture

There is still a market for this sort of furniture, and that market is most often the secondhand shops. Beautifully carved ornate dining chairs will struggle to get $50 in today’s market, even ones in excellent condition. Sixties furniture and art deco furniture has value but there’s a good chance your excess furniture will go to an op shop or you’ll have to pay someone to take it off your hands. Today’s furniture is sleek, not heavy and dark like those of yesteryear.

No. 7: Persian Rugs

The modern tranquillity aimed for in the decor of the 20- to 30-somethings does not lend itself to a collection of multicoloured (and sometimes threadbare) Persian rugs. Try an auction house if you think you have a good one on your hands. Like antique furniture, it may be best to donate.

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