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Objects Your Kids Probably Don’t Want #1

No. 1: Sterling Silver and Crystal Glass Sets

Unless the scrap value for silver is high enough for a meltdown, matching sets of sterling flatware are hard to sell because they rarely go for ‘antique’ value. Formal entertaining is not a priority these days. And of course, sterling must be hand-washed and dried. Can you see your kids choosing to use the silver? Same goes for crystal: The sets you have are too precious, and the wine they hold is too small a portion.

No. 2: Fine Dinnerware

Your grown children may not want to store four sets of fancy porcelain dinnerware, and probably want want to unpack it once a year for a holiday or event.

They also don’t want multiple fine china sets either. They don’t even want one set. They do not see the logic. They don’t want porcelain tea sets or dessert, fish, or fruit services either. Ask yourself, when was the last time you witnessed your grown son using a saucer?

No. 3: Figurines and Plates

Collections of small items (animal figurines, toy cars, miniature cups) and plates are unfortunately no longer fashionable. Not much is ‘on show’ these days. Even though they’re filled with memories of those who gave them to you, they have no market value…. and they do not fit into the Zen-like tranquil aesthetic of a 20- or 30-something’s home. Maybe take a photo of your mum’s collections of items and turn them into a photo instead.

No. 4: Silver- Plated Objects

Your grown children will not polish silver ware, this I can fairly well guarantee. You can give them covered casserole dishes, meat platters, serving bowls, tea services, gravy boats, butter dishes and candelabra and they may appreciate the thought and the gift, but the items will more than likely sit in the cupboard unloved and unpolished. You could however, sell higher end items such as those branded Cristofle, Tiffany, Cartier and Asprey at Todd’s In Forrestfield or McKenzie’s auction house in Claremont.

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