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It’s hard enough without having to do all this

There’s usually a lot of questions when a loved one passes away. How do I choose a funeral provider? Who’s going to get up and make a speech? Where are all those good photos to show during the service? How do I empty the deceased estate? How do I cancel the paper delivery?

Not only are you managing your own grief, but also that of family and friends.

You want to be alone, they want to pop by and see if you’re OK………You want company and they stay away for fear of not knowing what to say.

In regards to the deceased estate clearance, use the old ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ metaphor…and remember the answer is simply ‘one bite at a time’. It probably feels overwhelming, but every step you take, every object you move, is progress of some sort. It’s not just about ‘getting rid of Mum’s stuff’, but going through her personal items might help you process your loss.

But don’t feel you HAVE to do it – there’s help out there if you Just. Cant. Face. It.

That’s OK too. Take the help.

Do you require specific help or are simply unsure where to begin?

We’re here to help.

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