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How can I get rid of the stuff I no longer need?

Local council pickup

Imagine connecting the trailer, paying for petrol, loading the trailer, driving to the tip, backing the trailer, unloading the trailer, driving home again, putting the trailer away, when all you have to do is walk out your front door! Your local council pick up can save hundred and hundreds of dollars in tip fees, skip bin hire, time, petrol and labour.

Give yourself a good amount of preparation time to do it yourself, or hire someone like WE EMPTY HOUSES to go through your items with you.

This way you have a second considered opinion, time to change your mind if you really cant do without that third large saucepan, and there’s someone to do the hard work for you. All you have to do is focus on how you’ll feel once your clutter’s gone and you have your house back!

Imagine that growing sense of pride as you see the pile on your verge getting bigger and bigger! I can almost guarantee you’ll be saying “I wish I’d done that sooner”!

Op Shops

These are run by charities and non profit organisations to provide further services to people that need them (Think Salvation Army who help the homeless, St Vinnies who provide employment for people with disabilities, Op Shops that fund raise for specific health issues such as Multiple Sclerosis or Cancer Research). Your donations to Op Shops help others… so get donating now!


They may have secretly been coveting something you no longer want. Send the word around
or email a list of what you no longer want. You might be surprised who comes out of the woodwork.

Schools, community centres, Men’s Sheds

All may be able to put your items to good use, rather than them collecting dust and creating a trip hazard in your house.


Sell them! Might take a while, but you’ll get some $$$$.

Buy Nothing

This Facebook page works by taking a photo of the item you no longer want, then posting the item with a small description. You can leave the items on the front fence, the verandah or in the letterbox so you don’t even have to be home (or answer the door) for the items to be collected.


Some councils have a tip where you can drop of unwanted but working items.

Donating to the Verge Gods

The act of placing an unwanted item on the verge outside your house signifies its free to whoever wants it driving past.

Do you require specific help or are simply unsure where to begin?

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