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Hate Waste?

Do you want to de-clutter but don’t want your items going to waste?

WE EMPTY HOUSES hates contributing to landfill or throwing something away that someone else can put to good use. Recycling or repurposing is always our preferred option.

Below are some solutions to the age old question of “What do I do with all my stuff?”

Kitchen and other general items

Op shops help a wide range of people – not just people wanting a cheap pair of jeans.

For example seniors on a tight budget, people who have to start again in a new house after a relationship breakup or a child moving out of home for the first time, unemployed people trying to buy presents for their kids at Christmas and the list goes on.

Your donation can really make a difference.

It gets the items out of your house and at the same time helps someone else – it’s a Win-Win situation.

Sample size items, personal items from hotels, small soaps, shampoos, other toiletries

Often charities make up care packages for their clients. When you’re homeless, hygiene items such as shampoo or conditioners, soaps, small towels etc can be both bulky to carry around and expensive to buy.


Often your friends may have the same taste in clothing as you. Get some large bags and label them with the names of your friends. As you sort through your clothes and a friends face pops into your mind, throw the item into the bag with their name on! If your friends don’t like them, they can pass them onto their friends too!

Craft supplies

Buying craft items can be addictive!

If craft is piling up, it can be donated to schools, kindergartens, community centres or local art centres. Contact TAFE to see if they need it for their vocational night classes.


Handyman items, tools, sheets of ply, screws, nails etc could go to Men’s Sheds or Repair Cafes.

Towels, pillow cases, sheets

Native animal rescue centres, dogs homes, cat havens go through a large amount of linen, towels, wash cloths and pillow cases as they have to be washed in between each animal to prevent the spread of infection. They are washed many times so wear out fast. Donations always welcome!

Glassware and crockery

Todd’s Auctions can sell sets of crockery, glasses and other collectables. You may not be able to afford an overseas holiday on the money you make, but money raised by the sale of items can make your weekly shopping dollar stretch a bit further. They will charge for pick up or WE EMPTY HOUSES can drop items off for you for a small charge. Replacement.com may also buy any rare pieces.

Electronic Items

Local tips take some electronic items, as do repair cafes or some op shops.

Do you require specific help or are simply unsure where to begin?

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