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Don’t put it down, put it away!

If you’re moving house or going into somewhere smaller there are a few jobs that are both easy to do and that take minimal effort.

  1. Decide on what goes where, and stick to it. For example all scissors go in the second drawer.
  2. As you’re walking around your house, put all scissors from anywhere in the house, directly into the second drawer. Don’t just put them down willy nilly, put them in the second drawer every time! All fabric scissors, kitchen scissors, nail scissors etc.
  3. When you get to ‘packing up’ phase, you can decide if you really do need 10 pairs of scissors or maybe 1 or 2 will fulfill all cutting purposes. The rest can can be donated. (See my other article on where to donate things for more guidance).

It’s only a small action, but everything ads up to a tidy house, a reduction in clutter, and a smoother move at the end of the day!

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