You've got a problem? We Empty Houses has the Solution!

As well as emptying houses, we can also assist if you're moving into somewhere smaller.

Things to consider:

  • How much space will I have where I'm going?

  • Which furniture is the right size to go into my new place?

  • Where do I get boxes to move?

  • How do I arrange tradespeople to fix things at my old or my new place?

  • How do I get my old place cleaned so I get my bond back?

  • Do I need ramps or handrails in my new place?

  • How do I turn off the power and water at my old place?

  • In what order do I do things?

  • How do I set up internet?

  • How do I get the keys if I don't drive?

  • How do I redirect my mail?

  • Who do I have to tell I've changed addresses?

We Empty Houses can help with all these things. Just ask!