How We Help

How We Help

Do you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start?


It's a difficult job, often done at a time when you've better things to things to think about.


Let We Empty Houses manage your deceased estate. 

We can sort through the belongings and help you decide what you'd like to keep, what to donate and what needs to be thrown out. There's no shame, no judgement, we provide a personalised, consultative approach to un-mess your mess, and we work at a pace that suits you. 


We can work together until the job is done, you can just give directions..... or you don't even need to be home if that's what you'd prefer. 

You can move on, and not be encumbered by the large task ahead. It may take awhile, and sometimes it gets messier before it gets better, but every step we take is a step towards the way you want it to be.

  • Clean and organise

  • Arrange skip bins & rubbish removal

  • Organise furniture sale & removal

  • Look after trades and services

  • Arrange donation of unwanted items


Who we help ...


We work with families, individuals or executors.


Whether you're unable, unwilling or just unavailable, we will take care of everything with professionalism and respect.

  • relocating or downsizing

  • emptying a deceased estate

  • preparing to sell your home

  • de-cluttering a space


  • Initial (free) visit to work out how we're going to achieve what you want

  • Friendly

  • Non-judgemental 

  • Fully police cleared

  • Female

  • Gets the job done

  • After hours availability

  • Non identified vehicles (your neighbours don't need to know your business)

  • Time sheet every day

  • Home and Community Care Experience

  • Insured

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